There are certain word combos that are proven to tap into the buyer psychology. They help you draw a big, ol’ line from your audience’s big problem right to your awesome solution.

But, like most things, it’s not just a matter of throwing these words in your copy and assuming they’ll do the heavy lifting for you. The words you choose before and after these key phrases make the real difference. So let’s go through three easy-to-use and highly effective copywriting phrases first, and then we’ll go through how to make them work for you.

The Words That Work

For these examples, let’s say I am a copywriter and I’m specifically targeting young, vibrant female entrepreneurs who are struggling to successfully launch a new online business in the lifestyles/beauty space.

1) If … then …

If you can glow up your copy, then your product will sell like hotcakes – and you can start popping the champs.

2) … so that …

Contour your copy so that you can focus on what really counts: The Cristal.

3) What if … (or imagine if …)

What if your copy sold for you around the clock? Pop the champs and let’s clink the flutes to extra time and more income. YASSSS.

You’ve probably seen all three of these used all over the place, and if not, you certainly will notice them now that you’re attuned to their power.

The trick is to focus on the benefit of your product or service – not the features.

Stay away from lofty language (this is a particularly common issue in the self-help coaching space) and instead target a single feeling or picture. In the examples above, the targeted “success” picture was “popping the champs,” “Cristal,” and “clink the flutes.”

Champagne represents “making it.” I’m evoking that sense of success, luxury, free time; the life of a powerful She-Boss. I’m not detailing the features of my services (boring!) … I’m showing them what the outcome of my copywriting services could be – helping them achieve a Cristal-level business.

So if you wanna make mad bank, start with these phrases that convert and use them within the PASO framework – that’s Pain, Agitate, Solution, Outcome. That’s a whole other blog right there, and yup – I do have a super-helpful PASO Google sheet walks you through how to apply the PASO framework to your copy. You can grab it in the Copy Shop.

In the meantime, experiment with these phrases within your copy and see what kind of outcome you can create for your audience.

Happy writing!


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