Don’t make your audience put on their reading glasses and squint to see your message – they’ll just move onto the next entrepreneur who uses a bigger font.

But holy cow, that’s a lot harder than it sounds. We know our own messages inside and out, and it’s super hard to think like someone who doesn’t. Quite often, we fail to attribute poor sales or engagement with messaging – it’s the image we used, or the target audience we selected in our Facebook ad creation; something outside of the actual message.

But speaking from experience, it’s the message. And it’s the most frustrating thing when it’s not working.

So let’s work on that. It may take a few stabs to figure it out and that’s okay. In fact, learning what doesn’t work is just as valuable as learning what does! So stop beating yourself up, and start experimenting.

Here’s what you’ve probably already done:

  • Brainstormed where your audience is now – OVER THERE
  • Brainstormed where they want to be – OVER HERE
  • Developed a framework (service or product) to get them from THERE, to HERE

Beautiful. If you haven’t done that yet, call me.

But let’s assume you got that far. If so, you’ve probably started writing copy around these points, and that’s where the wheels are starting to come off. It’s not enough to simply understand the THERE and the HERE. You have to understand the WHY – why are they spinning their wheels over THERE? What are the feelings that are keeping them there?

If your messaging taps into the emotional driving forces behind their thoughts and beliefs, then you can present your offer as the best way to get over HERE, where you can make things easier for them.

You can change their behavior – meaning you can inspire them to ACT.

How the heck do you do that? You’re in luck. I have two exercises that help you uncover the WHY behind your target audience’s big problem.

Click here to get them delivered to your inbox, and feel free to email with any questions or to let me know how the exercises worked for you!

Happy creating!


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