words aren’t special

How We Link Them Together Makes Them Magic

Left-brain, right-brain. Numbers brain, word brain. 

These concepts are often pitted against each other, but I live in the grey area, and you probably do, too. 

If you were to ask my grade 11 math teacher, I don’t belong in the math world. She told me I should not attempt Math 12, as I clearly do not have a math brain. I disagree. I apply formulas, frameworks and logic – the very foundations of mathematics – to my writing everyday.

I also attempted Math 12, because of course I did. That’s just who I am: A little contrary and opinionated, but full of good intention with a strong desire to help. Classic Aquarius.

Words are just words. They hold no power in and of themselves, but they become powerful when you attach meaning to them; when you string them together to paint a powerful picture and make emotional connections, verbally or in writing.

Great copywriters aren’t all wordsmithery or impossibly academic – they have tapped into proven frameworks and figured out how to simply, clearly, and effectively convey their message.

Let’s change your perception of what a good writer really looks like.  

me, myself, and I

I believe in the Oxford Comma

I’m an editor at heart, and not just professionally. To put it bluntly, I cut through the crap, because the heart of the matter is where we’re going to end up eventually, anyways. I love houseplants, and puzzles, and my favorite sound is my espresso machine at work.

 Two kids call me Mom, and they are both growing much too fast for me. And I mean that quite literally – I routinely find my clothes in my daughter’s drawers, and she’s always stealing my shoes. But I love both my kids to bits and they have taught me more about myself and the kind of person I want to be than any job or book ever could or will. 

My best friend also happens to be my husband, which is kinda cool.

My family is big on communication and listening, and we’re always working on it. When my youngest child is overcome with anxiety (which is often), I’ve learned to validate his fears, face it head on, and help him push through the discomfort so he can come out feeling better on the other side.

It’s funny – the things that guide me in my family life are also driving forces in my business, and hopefully in yours, too. Because when you really listen to your audience and validate their thoughts and feelings with your words and actions, you are creating a positive experience for your buyer. Your copywriting isn’t supposed to strong-arm anyone into any purchase – it should make an emotional connection to the audience you are speaking directly to, so that you can effectively communicate the problem you solve, and tell them the next steps to take.

So I’m looking at you – the bold entrepreneur who aspires to write better copy for stronger sales. Let’s do this already, so you can spend less time fretting over words and more time helping your clients.

core values

Guiding Principles at Doppio Copywriting

The 3 C’s of Doppio Copywriting: Creativity, Collaboration, and Coffee. Okay, just kidding – that third C is Connection.

Great conversion copy is more than just words – it’s creating a connection with your audience so they get all the good feels that you want associated with your brand. Just like wrapping your fingers around your steaming mug and taking that first sip of strong coffee in the morning.

Those feelings.

Because when your audience feels that, your product or service sells itself. More sales, less grind. BAM.

No matter where you are in your business, Doppio can help. The signature six-month Creative Copy Lab mentorship program gives self-starting entrepreneurs like you all the tools you need to produce high-converting, story-driven copy, plus personal support as you develop those critical skills.

And if you just want to hire someone to pump out the golf for you, I’m down with that, too! The comprehensive website copy package includes unique content for six website pages, and collaborative deep dive into your brand so we can craft a compelling, personality-driven narrative to boost your conversions.

Doppio is an energizing double shot of espresso and that leaves us with only one question: Are you bold enough for Doppio?

I pledge to hand over every creative thought that enters my brain for the purpose of bettering your brand and your conversions. Creativity doesn’t adhere to a strict schedule – it is a constantly flowing, ever-present, highly potent resource and I wholeheartedly invite you share your own creative thoughts with me for truly effective copy. 

Doppio strives to maintain a positive work environment based on mutual respect and understanding, collaborating with you and any third-party companies you work with or for. Collaboration is also a key component of the Creative Copy Lab, where members work directly with me and interact professionally with others in the community

You can’t read two pages of a book at the same time. Respectful communication between everyone involved in your project is the only way to ensure not only success, but an awesome experience. Doppio promises to maintain open and clear communication with each and every client and CCL member, and strives to respond to any and all concerns in a timely manner.

Doppio Copywriting enters every business relationship with the belief that we are in it together for the long haul – I’m committed to helping CCL members craft creative copy and content to increase sales and decrease workload. For 1:1 clients, I’m committed to giving you unique, compelling copy that will inspire conversions around the clock. I ask that you also commit yourself to the process, because I know it works.

Doppio Copywriting, and specifically the signature Creative Copy Lab mentorship program, is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners follow best practices for a positive online experience. I will fiercely protect this community, and deal swiftly and fairly with members who fail to follow our community rules and guidelines. No sharks allowed in these blue waters.

I wish I knew how to make latte art, because this is where I would draw the heart in the foam. We’re all just people, doing our best. Doppio cares about your personal experience, your business, and your success. I also care about your own audiences, and the experience they get with your brand. If you come from a place of care as well, we can do great things together.

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